Mats Overhoff Arai GP-7

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About Mats

Mats Overhoff is a talented young karting driver from Germany. Mats needed a new Arai GP7 designed and painted for the 2023 karting season, in which he would be competing for Kraft Motorsport in several national and international karting championships like the Rotax Max Euro Trophy.

Design and Paint Job

Mats wanted a design with fluorescent pink and blue color, along with white and black areas. Also his racing number 355 had to be incorporated. Below you will find the design that I came up with for Mats. The painting was also performed inhouse by LidsLab. The helmet was fitted with Antman Custom Trix Neon Pink Trimz.

Arai GP7 Design for Mats OverhoffArai GP7 Design for Mats Overhoff

Successful Combination

With his new and eyecatching helmet Mats had a very successful 2023 campaign in which he ultimately went on and grabbed the 2023 Rotax E20 Championship during the Rotax RMC Grand Finals in Bahrain!

2023 World Champion!

Watch Mats become the 2023 Rotax Max E20 Champion of the World in Bahrain!

Helmet Details

Manufacturer Arai Helmet Ltd.
Model GP-7 (FRP)
Visor Dual Pane Light Smoke
Spoiler(s) Arai PED-kit
Hans Clips Blue
Trims Antman Custom Trimz Neonz
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