Lando Norris 2023 Replica Helmet

Lando Norris Replica Helmet 2023Lando Norris Replica Helmet 2023

Lando Norris 2023 Replica

This is my full size replica of the helmet that Lando used during the 2023 F1 season. The fluorescent yellow design was painted on a genuine Bell KC7-CMR helmet. Although this helmet has a composite shell, I tried to mimic the carbon look of the Bell HP77 that Lando is wearing during F1 races by using two different colors of black. All logos on the helmet are hand painted. The only sticker I used is on the red mirror visor.

Of course I did not have the original helmet at hand, so this helmet is based on photographs of the helmet that Lando used during the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix that I found online. Just like the original helmet this replica has a matte finish. I think it is one of the most detailed and complete replicas out there and I'm super happy with the result!

Helmet Bell KC7-CMR
Size 57 (7 1/8)
Scale 1:1
Original Design MDM Designs
Original Paint JMD
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