Forze Hydrogen Stilo ST5 F Carbon

About Forze

Forze Hydrogen Racing is a student racing team from Delft University of Technology. They built the world’s first hydrogen-powered race car and their goal is to promote the use of hydrogen technology in motorsports. With the all new Forze IX the team built the fastest hydrogen-electric race car in the world and they needed a Stilo ST5 F Carbon helmet painted for racing it.

Design Contest

Forze decided to launch the H2 helmet design contest in which anybody could join and express their creativity. A template was provided with the Forze drop icon and Shell Hydrogen sponsor logo's in place, along with some brief guidelines. The rest of the design was up to the contenders. The winning design was entered by Quinten Ouali and below you can see the concept that he created.

Arai GP7 Design for Mats OverhoffArai GP7 Design for Mats Overhoff

Helmet Painting

Painting of the helmet was performed by LidsLab. I decided to make two small changes to the design. Since this is a carbon helmet I thought it would be cool to use exposed carbon for the black areas, including the "Hydrogen Powered" and "Built By Students" tag lines. Moreover I painted the H2 molecules in a slightly lighter blue for better visibility since this helmet is used in a closed cockpit race car. You can see me handing over the finished helmet to Quinten in this helmet reveal video on the Forze Hydrogen YouTube Channel!

Major Milestone!

Watch the Forze F9 successfully drive its first meters on its accumulator and the driver wearing our freshly painted helmet!

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