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Custom painted Bell RS7-KCustom painted Bell RS7-K


Brand new custom painted Bell RS7-K karting helmet, available immediately. This is your chance to get a unique karting helmet for the 2024 season, but without the wait.

*** We offer the possibility to have your name painted on this helmet ***

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About LidsLab

LidsLab Design is your one-stop-shop when it comes to the design and painting of helmets for karting and motorsports. With lots of pleasure and an eye for detail I create digital designs and apply them if required. In doing so I choose for a personal approach and I offer reasonable prices.

Do you want to have your helmet customized by a professional Dutch helmet painter? Then please feel free to get in touch using the contact form or by using the email address that you can find at the bottom of this page. I'm happy to discuss your wishes and will then provide you with an appropriate quotation.


Below you will find a selection of helmet designs which I recently made.

Bell RS7 Pro Mark WahonoBell RS7 Pro Mark Wahono
Bell RS7 Pro Mark Wahono
Bell RS7-K Davit AptsiauriBell RS7-K Davit Aptsiauri
Bell RS7-K Davit Aptsiauri
Stilo Trophy DES Mark SchuurmanStilo Trophy DES Mark Schuurman
Stilo Trophy DES Mark Schuurman
Bell RS7-K Job JansenBell RS7-K Job Jansen
Bell RS7-K Job Jansen
Arai GP-6S Custom DesignArai GP-6S Custom Design
Arai GP-6S Custom Design
Bell KC7-CMR Alain JanssenBell KC7-CMR Alain Janssen
Bell KC7-CMR Alain Janssen
Bell KC7-CMR Custom DesignBell KC7-CMR Custom Design
Bell KC7-CMR Sacha Nieuwkoop
Arai GP-6S Cesar OvermarsArai GP-6S Cesar Overmars
Arai GP-6S Cesar Overmars
Arai SK-5 Coen VermeulenArai SK-5 Coen Vermeulen
Arai SK-5 Coen Vermeulen
Schuberth SF1 PRO Custom DesignSchuberth SF1 PRO Custom Design
Schuberth SF1 PRO Custom Design
Schuberth SF1 PRO Helmet DesignSchuberth SF1 PRO Helmet Design
Schuberth SF1 PRO Helmet Design
Arai Helmet LogoArai Helmet Logo
Arai Helmet
Bell Helmets LogoBell Helmets Logo
Bell Helmets
Schuberth LogoSchuberth Logo
Stilo LogoStilo Logo
Sparco LogoSparco Logo
Zamp Helmets LogoZamp Helmets Logo
Zamp Helmets

Design Phase

The design of a helmet requires a personal approach. I would therefore like to discuss your wishes in detail with you first. In practice, many people have a design or style for their helmet in mind. Based on that, I then start working with a digital design. Where necessary, I will make suggestions based on my experience. Because although everything is possible, it can sometimes be useful to design things slightly differently to achieve an optimal result or to limit the costs of spraying a helmet.

After the first design is ready, I will be happy to discuss the first result with you. If desired, things can of course always be adjusted.

After the design of the helmet has been finally approved, you will receive a digital file from me. With this you can go to your own sprayer, but you can also have your helmet professionally sprayed by me.

Incidentally, the costs of having your own helmet design made depend on the complexity of the design and the number of sides of the helmet from which you want to receive a design.

By default you will receive views of the left and right sides of the helmet from me. These are sufficient in most cases and usually the name of the driver is applied here. Of course it is also possible to receive digital designs of the front, back and top of the helmet. For more information about the possibilities and prices, please contact me.


After receipt, the helmet is carefully disassembled. The visor, any air inlets and spoilers and the manufacturer's stickers are first removed. Then the cheek pads are removed and the rubber trims around the view port and the base of the helmet are removed. Finally, the helmet's inner shell, screw holes and all ventilation holes are carefully masked. This is to prevent paint or (sanding) dust from penetrating the interior.

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